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Birthday Boy

So Bentleys birthday is on the sixteenth of this month, he will be two years old finally we can start with the terrible twos! He’s getting so big really fast!

We decided to have his birthday at the state park this year. I believe it will be fun, especially for him! Last year we cooked for everyone and had a really big party, but I will NOT cool this time. More than likely we’ll buy a bunch of pizzas from Little Ceasars, maybe 15 or so. Although last year my grandmother made some kind of Sherbert smoothie and Bentley would rather have that than eat his cake!

The theme last year was Spongebob  (what child doesn’t like Spongebob) but this year we’re gonna do Mickey Mouse. He is in love Mickey Mouse! So EVERYTHING in his room with be fixed to his taste of cartooms. I still have to get him a comforter for his bed to match the rest of the room. I believe he’ll love it when it’s done. 

I have so many ideas for his room I just know I’m gonna go crazy with the decorating! I will definitely make a blog for his room when I’m done, as I’m sure my readers know, I’ve only been a dad for two years and I’m still learning everyday. I don’t know everything about parenting or claim to. If anyone would like to share some experience you’ve had as a parent, I’ll gladly take it to heart. I’m just trying to be the best dad possible. And I believe in order to do that, I have to learn as I go along, and take the experience of others and apply it to my home. I wanna thank my readers so much for the support and the time everyone of you take out of your day to read my blog. 

Until next time.

The Woman of My Dreams!

First of all I want to apologize to my readers, I’ve been quite sick for nearly a week. I had a touch of pneumonia and the flu, it made me feel so bad! On the bright side my wife and son are back from their vacation in Tennessee!

 I really didn’t realize how bad I miss Bentley screaming and fussing all day. But once you sit in a room by yourself for two weeks in complete silence, you would beg to have a screaming baby! In all seriousness though I’m ecstatic to have them back home. I’ve missed my wife so much, and I have done exactly what I said I would do, and I put that ring on her finger! 

 Now I’m 21 years old and some would say that’s too early to get married. That my be true for most people, maybe even all people. But I love this woman to death. We have been together since we were 16 and she has stuck by my side through a LOT of hard times. We have went without food, electricity, no car or truck, no anything. But she was there the whole time!

 I remember when I first realized I was in love with her, we had a small apartment in a small town called Liberty, NC. We had NOTHING, we slept in the living room on a mattress in the floor. And she had no problem with any of it, she just wanted to be with me. That’s all that mattered to her. If you can find a woman like that, do NOT let her go.

Anyhow I know it’s a short blog today, but I do have to go walking with them. Trying to spend as much time as possible with them. 

Until next time!

Our Pitt Bulls

I know I didn’t write yesterday, I want to apologize to everyone. But Hannah and Bentley will be here tomorrow and I have been trying to finish up a few things around the house. I finally finished repainting the laundry room and fixing the dog pen! 
 Both of those things were supposed to be marked off of the checklist months ago, but better late than never, right? Now I don’t necessarily like to toot my own horn but I believe I am a master painter. I really suprised myself, I mean I though I was going to make a huge mess!

 To add on to my massive success in the fine arts, I seem not to be so much of a constructive genius. I will guarantee that 64% of the pin itself can hold a dog. The other 36% may have some flaws but I’m thinking it should work. We have three beautiful Pitt Bills. Blueberry (the momma), Boss (the daddy), and Lucy Lou (the baby). 

 Blueberry is our 6 year old Blue Nose Pitt, she is my baby. A couple left her at an abandoned house down the dirt road from my home. She was pretty much terrified when I brought her home, but after a few days she came around. Now I cannot get rid of her! Wherever I go, she must go. She’s a really good dog. I could get a better picture because like I said she won’t stay away from me long enough!

Boss is our Red Nose Pitt. We saw a post in facebook from a local animal shelter. They had his picture and a little paragraph that pretty much said he had a week left before they put him down. We left thirty minutes after seeing it! He’s been an amazing dog since I got him. Bentley goes outside constantly and while we all play, Boss never leaves his side. He’s like our little protector.

Then there’s Mrs. Lucy Lou, the newest edition to the family. She’s almost two months old and she is so big already! She solid white with a black dot on her right eye, which is weird considering her mom’s blue and her dad’s red. She is a bit rambunctious, but she’s actually manageable! I’ll be sure to get some pictures of them for everyone to see.

Well, until next time.

Money Makes Changes

Money can change a variety of aspects of many different things, how you live, activities you do, or the people around you. We all need it to survive and push our way through in life. 

 I overheard a man the other day, he was talking about his finances. He said to the lady, “Eighty to One hundred thousand dollars is barely a liveable income for me.” Now I don’t know his living situation or anything about this man, but if you can barely survive on eighty thousand dollars in a year. You’re doing a lot of unnecessary spending. I hardly make twenty thousand dollars a year. My family and I live in a single story brick home (nothing fancy), and money’s tight but we make it every year. If I had double my annual salary I would have no worries what-so-ever. 

 Double my salary would be half of what he claims to barely live on! Now excuse my french, but that pissed me off extremely bad. I’ve thought about that everyday since it happened. And I can’t seem to imagine anyone having a hard time on $80,000. Guys, I have worked at a convenient store for seventy five dollars a week, and I was extremely thankful to have that! Not everyone starts off in life given the knowledge and support to make that kind of money. I told my reader in my very first blog that I have had a variety of jobs. Not all of them paid well so I had to have a few jobs at a time. Yet I was so greatful to have a way to make money. Even if it was just that measly seventy-five dollars a week.

 There’s NOTHING wrong with making that eighty thousand a year or even a million a year, great for you! But don’t complain about it and act as if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. Because I can guarantee you, 100% facts, that someone has it way worse. There is someone right now out there that has no income, no way to get a job because he can’t afford the proper attire or any number of reason. The point is be greatful of everything you have. Don’t let money change you. We the you have a little or a lot. 

Until next time.

My Little Big Man

My son Bentley has always been a mommas boy, and always will be. From the womb to the tomb! At times though, he makes me feel like some kind of superhero. When he has a fever or his momma disciplines him, he’s runs to me and won’t let go. Sometimes this goes on for hours! I never felt any kind of feeling like that until I became a dad. Now I can’t imagine feeling any other way.

It was two months ago, maybe three, and I had just pulled in the yard from work. It was a long day, I was exhausted!! Hannah had already let me know that he was running wild and just uncontrollable. The moment I switched my truck off, here he comes “Dada dada dada!”. He crawls up in the seat with me and nothing but smiles and laughter filled my boys face. I felt so proud to be a dad.

He loves being able to listen to music on my truck. I have a few subwoofers in the back and it’s pretty loud. He’ll turn it all the way up and shake on the steering wheel until I drive him around the yard. He is the boss around my house, whatever Bentley wants he gets! No matter how many times you say no, how many toys you take away, in the end it’s his way or the highway.

 In all honesty, my favorite time of day is when I get to relax and watch Bob’s Burgers with him. He LOVES that show! Or maybe he just loves being with his dad. Like I said, the love a child can give will make you feel like a superhero.
 Until next time.

Only a few more days!

Recently we had Hurricane Irma roll through Georgia. I’m not overdramatic by any means, but after hearing of a category five hurricane coming toward my home and family, I panicked!

Hannah, Bentley, and I  went to her mom’s in Tennessee. I came back early in order to go job searching and now I haven’t seen them in nearly two weeks and I’m dying for them to come home! After a couple days of silence, and I mean complete silence, I’ve become a nervous wreck. 

I’m not used to nobody making a mess, or anyone to fuss at me for not cleaning it up. I mean, after five years of having her by my side, I can’t seem to function without her or him. Mostly, I’ve been job searching, and in my down time I’m putting every drop of energy I have into my blog and YouTube channel. 

Like I’ve said in my previous blogs, if you don’t want a change you’ll never get it. I’m hoping my experiences in life could be useful or humorous in some ways to my readers. Now back to the topic at hand, I have only a few more days before they come home. I am literally counting down the hours until I can lay eyes on them. 

If you don’t have a significant other or child you may not can grasp that concept. When someone is your world, and then their not there; it’s like your world stops. I’m ready to hit the play button again, so come home babe, I know you’re reading this!

I also want to let everyone know, the entire world, I’m gonna marry this girl! As soon as she gets home I will put a ring on that finger. It’s already bought and paid for, she makes me the happiest man alive!

Well until next time.